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Facility information

Kitayamazaki peaceful place at the entrance of Kitayamazaki.

  • Floor guide

     10F Rooms(Japanese-style room 4,Special room 2)
     9F Rooms(Japanese-style room 8)
     8F Rooms(Japanese-style room 8)
     7F Rooms(Japanese-style room 8)
     6F Rooms(Japanese-style room 8)
     5F Rooms(Japanese-style room 6)/Large banquet hall"Shakunage-no-ma"
     4F Rooms(Japanese-style room 12)
     3F Rooms(Japanese-style room 10,Western-style room 1)/Men's bathroom/Women's bathroom/Vending machine
     2F Banquet hall/Dinner restaurant"Hamanasu"/Hostess Bar Ginga Tetsudo no Yoru
     1F Lobby/front desk/lobby lounge/Shopping corner/Vending machine
  • lobby lounge

    Lobby lounge where you can feel open while looking at the sea.
    Enjoy a blissful time with coffee.

    Opening Hours

    From 7:00 to 19:00
  • Kitayamazaki Cliff Cruise Sightseeing Boat

    Shimanokoshi Port, you can see the scenery of Kitayamazaki from the sea.
    About 50 minutes per lap to Bentenzaki, Yagoshizaki and Kitayamazaki Sanriku Geopark.
    You can also feed the sea urchins that follow the sailing ship on board.

    【Flight period】From 2020/06/20 to 2020/11/03
    【Departure and arrival place】Shimanokoshi Port, 50 minutes tour, Irregular route
    【Departure time】8:40 / 10:30 / 13:30 / 15:30
    "fare", Adult(s), 1,500 yen, Children, 750 yen
    Group discount, 10% for adults over 15, More than 15 students 30%, 10% for over 15 children
    50% discount for persons with disabilities and one caregiver  

    *About temporary flight operations 
    We are planning special schedules such as Golden Week, Silver Week, special flights during the Obon period and the year-end and New Year holidays, and the first sunrise of New Year's Day.In addition, we can make reservations for temporary flights for groups.


    Kitayamazaki Cliff Cruise, TEL 0194-33-2113
    104-2 Tanohata Village Shimanokoshi, FAX 0194-33-3260
  • Hostess Bar Ginga Tetsudo no Yoru

    It features a counter and table seats that are easy to use even for small groups.
    There are also many types of liquor.
    Please sing to your heart's content in a relaxed atmosphere.

    Opening Hours

    From 19:00 to 23:00
  • Midnight Snack Restaurant Hamanasu

    Duck Soba, which uses locally-grown duck, and “Iso Ramen, ” which uses plenty of seafood, are hidden specialties at this facility.
    We also have other local sake and recommended dishes, so please feel free to drop in if you are hungry.

    Opening Hours

    From 18:30 to 23:30 (Last order 23:00)
  • Shopping corner

    One of the pleasures of traveling is choosing souvenirs while thinking about the smile of the giver.
    Hotel Ragaso offers a rich selection of Sanriku confectionery, specialty products, and seasonal tastes.
    After eating, please Tanohata Ice Cream “Tanohata Ice Cream” using 100% raw milk.

    Opening Hours

    From 7:00 to 21:00
  • Kuji Amber Shop (Special contract designated store)

    A spear that has been loved as a gift for a long time is a mysterious gem that connects the ancient world with the present.
    Please find your favorite product from among a wide selection of products under the advice of our dedicated staff.

    Opening Hours

    From 7:00 to 21:00
  • Convention hall

    The large banquet hall "Shakunage-no-ma" on the 5th floor can accommodate up to 350 people.
    It can be used for various purposes such as meetings, receptions, and buffet venues.
  • Banquet rooms

    There are plenty of spaces available for various meetings, meetings and seminars.
    Up to 300 people will be prepared in a venue layout tailored to the purpose of use.
    Conference kits such as projectors, whiteboards, and 4-color board pens can also be borrowed free of charge.

Number of rooms

67 rooms: Western-style room 1 room / Japanese-style room 64 rooms / Japanese + Western-style room 2 rooms
Western room translation: 1 twin room (barrier-free room)

Room supplement

Japanese-style room with 18 square meters, Japanese + Western-style room with 18 square meters + twin

Standard room facilities

All rooms have bathroom / shower / all rooms have air conditioning / TV / satellite / empty refrigerator

Internet related

All rooms
[Connection method]Wireless LAN
[PC rental]No
[Internet connection]Free


Yukata / Slipper / Bath towel / Face towel / Toothbrush / Liquid soap / Razor / Tea set / Duvet / Hair dryer(Lending) /Iron(Lending) /trouser presser(Lending) /Desk lamp (Lending)

amenities supplement

Please contact the front desk to rent a hair dryer.

If you are taking a bath in your room, you will receive a used-up type of shampoo / rinse / body soap at the front desk.

Facility contents

Bars(Pay) /Banquet hall / Karaoke facility(Pay) /Lounge

Service & Leisure (Including arrangements)

Room Service / Fishing / Shogi(Pay) /Go(Pay) /Mahjong (Pay)

Credit cards that can be used locally

JCB / Visa / Master/AMEX / UC / DC / NICOS / Diners/UFJ / Debit Card/Various electronic money/QR code payment

Standard check-in time


Standard checkout time


Cancellation provisions

3 days to 1 day ago: 20% of room rate
On the day of arrival: 50% of room rate
Cancellation without any contact: 100% of room rate
*If there is a cancellation provision for each accommodation plan, it will take precedence.

Number of baths

"Outdoor bath] Man: 0 woman: 0 Mixed bath: 0
[Indoor bath] Man: 1 woman: 1 Mixed bath: 0
[sauna] Man: 1 woman: 1 Mixed bath: 0

Other bath facilities

Electric bath

Bath usage conditions

Towels can be taken out of the room.
We also welcome customers who only take a bath.
One-day hot spring, 15: 00-21: 00 only
Day trip fee, 400 yen for adults / 200 yen for elementary school students

Open Hours

5:00 to 9:00 / 15:00 to 23:00