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Sanriku blissful time to enjoy the grace of Sanriku.

Seasonal seasonal taste

We want you to feel the changing seasons by tasting the taste・・・
With the hospitality of your heart, the chef at the facility will shake your arms and cook fresh seasonal seafood.
  • spring

    Hanamikaki, Wakame, Funari, Mekabu, Sakurabuchi, Shiras
  • summer

    sea urchin, Summer conger, Squirt, squid, Clam
  • autumn

    pike, Autumn, Return 鰹, Kanpachi, Lion
  • winter

    Hair, salmon, Salmon roe, Donko, abalone, Freezing, 鮟 鱇

Information on additional dishes

Another fun part of the trip・・・
Additional dishes recommended by the chief chef

Add your favorite items to the bowl and make it even more fulfilling. We will provide customer satisfaction.
*The menu changes depending on the season, so please contact us for details.