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Sightseeing around

Enjoy the spectacular view of the sea and mountains.

  • Tanohata area

    • 15 minutes by car from the hotel


      A 200m high cliff, strangely shaped rocks, large and small sea cavities, and a dynamic coastline continue for about 8km.
      Spring where you can feel the breath of nature, the summer sea that is faintly hungry, the beautiful fall of autumn leaves, and a snowy landscape like a sumi-e.
      Kitayamazaki is always attractive, is a scenic spot rated as a special A-class with the highest rank in the "Natural Resources/Coasts Category" by the (Public interest incorporated foundation) Japan Travel Bureau Foundation, a National Tourism Resource Evaluation.
      The view from the observatory that protrudes into the sea is breathtaking.
      Behind the visitor center is a walking course in which alpine plants, white rhododendrons, gather and bloom beautiful white flowers from early June to early July.

      Address: Kitayama, Tanohata Village, Shimohei County, Iwate Prefecture
      Tel: 0194-33-3248 (Tanohata Village General Tourist Information Center)
    • 25 minutes by car from the hotel

      Unosu Cliff

      It was named because there is a sea nest on the cliffside.
      Located on the southern coast of Tanohata, it features an overwhelmingly high cliff.
      If you look north from the observatory about 500m away from the parking lot, you can see the 200m-high cliffs lined up in five rows like a folding screen.
      Cool green in summer and brightly colored leaves in autumn.
      The ocean underneath is marine blue with an emerald color.
      You can see the white beach and attract travelers.
      In the pine forest, is said to have inspired from the Unosu Cliff, there is also a literary monument of Akira Yoshimura Osamu Dazai Award winners Akira Yoshimura Hoshi-eno-Tabi (Journey to the stars), is thought to Tanohata Village along with the passage of the work It is spelled.

      Address:Magisawa, Tanohata Village, Shimohei County, Iwate Prefecture
      Tel: 0194-33-3248 (Tanohata Village General Tourist Information Center)
    • 10 minutes by car from the hotel

      Kitayamazaki Cliff Cruise

      Kitayamazaki called "Sea Alps" from the sea side.
      Bentenzaki service to Bentenzaki, Yagoshizaki and Kitayamazaki for about 50 minutes.
      Shimanokoshi Port majestic panorama created by the Pacific Ocean Rage, one after another from Shimanokoshi Port, arrives in front of you,
      You can also feed sea urchins on board.

      Address:104-2 Shimagoe, Shimanokoshi, Tanohata Village, Shimohei County, Iwate Prefecture
      Tel: 0194-33-2113
    • 10 minutes by car from the hotel

      Tsukuehama Banya-gun (Fisherman's Huts)

      22 wooden guard houses, 100 meters away from the coast of the Tsukuehama Fishing Port.
      There are living spaces such as workshops, fishing gear storage, and soil as fishing bases.
      It was rebuilt after the Sanriku Great Tsunami in 1958, and used by local fishermen to prepare for fishing and ship cultured seaweed.
      It became popular with the original scenery of the fishing village and was selected in 2006 as 100 selections of historical and cultural assets of fishing villages that we want to leave for the future"100 selections of historical and cultural assets of fishing villages that we want to leave for the future."
      Unfortunately, it was washed away by the great tsunami of the Great Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, but with the support of many people, it was reconstructed in a way that restored its previous appearance.
      Currently, it is a base for various sightseeing trips such as salt making experience, Banya fisherman guide, Banya cooking experience.

      Address:142-3 Tsukue, Tanohata Village, Shimohei County, Iwate Prefecture, Shimohei Tsukue, Tanohata Village, Shimohei County, Iwate Prefecture
      Tel:0194-37-1211(Experience Village/Tanohata)
    • 10 minutes by car from the hotel

      Sappa Boat Adventures

      Kitayamazaki exhilarating cruising through a small boat between the rocks and rocks of Kitayamazaki.
      You can see the cliff with a height of 200m from below. 【Reservation required】

      Address:142-3 Tsukue, Tanohata Village, Shimohei County, Iwate Prefecture, Shimohei Tsukue, Tanohata Village, Shimohei County, Iwate Prefecture
      Tel:0194-37-1211(Experience Village/Tanohata)
    • 10 minutes by car from the hotel

      Tanohata Village Folk Museum

      It was built to commemorate the “Tanohata Village Enforcement 101 Years Festival”.
      Exhibiting materials from “Sanhei Ikki (sanhei rebellion)”, one of the largest farmers in Japan that occurred a few decades ago.
      There is a monument that designed a flame that symbolizes the first glance near the entrance, and it has been devised so that you can feel the whole story with the heritage of a cultural heritage that is related to the first glance and by using cutouts.

      Address: 128-9 Tanohata, Tanohata Village, Shimohei County, Iwate Prefecture
      Tel: 0194-33-2210
    • 3 minutes by car from the hotel

      Earthquake remains"Aketo Coastal Seawall"

      The seawall that was destroyed by the tsunami is preserved as it was at the time of the disaster.
      A commentary board using photographs taken before and after the disaster and at the moment of the breach is provided on the tour route, allowing you to experience the destructive power of the tsunami and the disaster at that time. Its use is expected to raise awareness.
      In addition, local residents guides provide a tsunami experience narrative (guide) program in the remains of the facility and the affected areas.

      Address: Aketo, Tanohata Village, Shimohei County, Iwate Prefecture
      Tel: 0194-33-3248 (Tanohata Village General Tourist Information Center)
    • 3 minutes by car from the hotel

      Mallet Golf Course

      Mallet is a mallet.
      This golf uses a dedicated stick and ball, much like a gateball stick.
      It is a game very similar to golf that competes with a small number of strokes from a fixed place to a cup.
      The disaster recovery work for the Mallet Golf Course in the Aketo District, which had been washed away by the Great East Japan Earthquake, was completed and operations resumed on June 8, 2014.

      Address: Aketo, Tanohata Village, Shimohei County, Iwate Prefecture
      Tel: 0194-33-2816
  • Sanriku Railway Rias Line

    • Japan's longest Third Sector Railway

      Great East Japan Earthquake damaged the South Rias Line North Rias Line and the South Rias Line, and all lines were restored in 2014.

      On March 23, 2019, the JR Yamada Line, which had been suspended since the Great East Japan Earthquake, took over the area between Miyako and Kamaishi, connecting 163 km from Kuji to Sakari (Ofunato).

      It was severely damaged by the heavy rain of Typhoon No. 19 in October 2019, and some sections were suspended, but it was completely restored on March 20, 2020. 

      The nearest station to this facility is Tanohata Station.It is about 10 minutes on foot and about 3 minutes by car.
      Free transfer is possible if you contact us in advance.
      The closest station to the sightseeing boat is Shimanokoshi Station.About 10 minutes on foot from the pier.
  • Northern coastal area

    • 40 minutes by car from the hotel

      Ryusen-do Cave

      Iwaizumi Town is a town blessed with rich forests and clean water.
      Ryusen-do Cave is one of the Japan Best Three Great Limestone Caves Ryusen-do Cave in Japan Best Three Great Limestone Caves.
      The clear water that springs from the back makes a subsurface lake, and the third subterranean lake is 98m deep and the fourth subterranean lake (unpublished) is 120m, which boasts the highest transparency in the world.

      Address: 1-1 Iwaizumi Kannari, Iwaizumi Town 027-0501
      Tel: 0194-22-2566
      FAX: 0194-22-5005
    • 90 minutes by car from the hotel

      Hiraniwakogen Ski Area

      This ski resort is blessed with a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean the east and Mt Iwate
      Snow quality is one of the best powder snows in Tohoku.
      The slope can slide from beginner to advanced.
      Snowboards can also be slid completely.
      A ski resort protected by 300,000 white birch forests.

      Address: 20-13-1 Rainai, Yamagata Town, Kuji City, Iwate Prefecture
      Tel: 0194-72-2944
    • 60 minutes by car from the hotel

      Kuji Amber Museum

      Japan's only Amber Museum surrounded by green forest.
      The facility begins with a capsule that is symbolically designed as a “stone of the sun” in Greek Mythology, and “Kohaku Rium”, where you can experience the mysterious power of the Kohaku Rium, and smoked arts and crafts, etc. There is an exhibition gallery.
      There is also a hands-on classroom for mining and making accessories.

      Address: 19-156-133 Kokuji Town, Kuji City, Iwate Prefecture
      Tel: 0194-59-3515
    • Moguranpia

      Japan's first underground aquarium using the tunnel of Kuji National Oil Storage Base.
      Although it was completely destroyed by the tsunami of the Great East Japan Earthquake, it resumed operations in 2016.
      On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, you can see the diving of southern divers and seamen.

      Address: 1-43-7 Mugyo, Samuraihama Town, Kuji City, Iwate Prefecture
      Tel: 0194-75-3551
    • Roadside Station Kuji Yamase-dofukan

      Information base of Kuji City.
      A product hall that handles specialty products and direct produce, a dining room where you can enjoy seasonal local ingredients, a Western-style cafe, an exhibition of handmade floats and local materials that feel the tradition of the Kuji Autumn Festival, which boasts a history of about 650 years, and a stall lined with stalls Retro Square It is a Roadside Station that is composed of various facilities such as a Retro Square and can be seen, eaten and enjoyed carefully.

      Address: 2-5-6 Nakamachi, Kuji City, Iwate Prefecture
      Tel: 0194-66-9200
    • Roadside Station North Sanriku

      Roadside Station North Sanriku

      Opened in 2023, Kuji City Kitasanriku North Sanriku Roadside Station in Iwate Noda Village Fudai Village It is full of charm, such as a kids corner full ofIn addition, "Ishitsubute Park", which is the first park playground equipment for Pokemon in the north Tohoku, will also appear outdoors.A petrol station is also installed in an environment that is easy to drop in immediately after getting off Kuji IC on Sanriku Expressway.Roadside Station filled with the warmth of wood.

      Address:Iwate Prefecture, Kuji City, Natsui Town, Toriya 7th District 3-2
    • 40 minutes by car from the hotel

      Marine Rose Park Noda Tamagawa

      Names in the Marine Rose is a precious stone can not take only the current here Noda Village of mine in Japan.
      The temperature in the tunnel is around 10 ℃ throughout the year.
      In addition to reproducing the mining work with machines and dolls, various gemstones, minerals and fossils from around the world are also on display.
      Waking up from a deep and long sleep, "Rhodonite" is carefully refined by craftsmen and reborn as "Marine Rose".
      Shop for Marine Rose jewelry and natural stones.
      In addition, please contact us as we also have an experience of making original Marine Rose jewelry.

      Address:5-104-13 Tamagawa, Noda Village, Kunohe County, Iwate Prefecture
      Tel: 0194-78-2138
    • 20 minutes by car from the hotel

      Around Kurosaki

      Kurosaki that cliff ranging from a height of 150m to 200m is depressed substantially perpendicular to the Pacific Ocean
      The “Kurosaki Lighthouse”, which was chosen as one of the 50 best lighthouses in Japan, the “40-degree symbol tower at north latitude” that begins to relax as it approaches, and the “Unotori Shrine”, which is said to have been built by the life of Unotori Shrine Yoshitsune Minamoto Full of attractions.

      Address: 9-13-2 Fudai Village, Shimohei County, Iwate Prefecture
      Tel: 0194-35-2115 (Fudai Village Tourism Association)
    • 30 minutes by car from the hotel

      Kumanohana Observatory

      Omoto Coast was named “Kuma no Hana” because the shape of the peninsula protruding from the south of Omoto Coast resembles the head and nose of a Kuma no Hana.
      The unique scenery created by the blue sea and old pine trees is worth seeing.
      Moshi Coast hit the Kuma no Hana destination Moshi Coast is famous for the origin of ammonites, such as one hundred million years ago, fossil shells.

      Address: Omotomoshi, Iwaizumi Town, Shimohei County, Iwate Prefecture
      Tel: 0194-22-4755 (Hiraizumi Tourism Association)
    • 35 minutes by car from the hotel


      Three huge rocks on the north side along Taro Bay.
      The appearance of standing on both sides of the so-called Otoko Iwa (Man Rock) (height 50m), with Onna Iwa (Woman Rock) and Taiko Iwa (Drum Rock) , is a masterpiece.
      There is a promenade around the area, making it a great place for strolling and playing with kites.

      Address: Taro Aozari, Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture
      Tel:0193-62-2111(Miyako City Industrial Promotion Department Tourism Division)
    • 60 minutes by car from the hotel

      Jodogahama Beach

      Sanriku typical scenic spot in Miyako located almost in the center of Sanriku.
      The contrast between the pine green and the rocky white, and the ultramarine blue is amazing.
      Jodogahama Beach of the place name is Ryuko Reikyo of Miyakosan Joan Temple The Seventh Generation in Tenna year Ryuko Reikyo (1727 deaths) is, it is said to have been named from the fact that admired as "just like paradise button activates".

      Address: 32 Usuki, Dai-7-Chiwari, Kuwagasaki, Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture
      Tel: 0193-87-2973
    • 60 minutes by car from the hotel

      Iwate Prefectural Fishery Science Museum "Uorias"

      Jodogahama Beach fisheries science museum near Jodogahama Beach.
      The history of Iwate's fishing grounds and traditional fisheries are also on display.
      The history of the Rikuchu Coast, the ecology of Sanriku's seafood, and folk tales handed down by fishermen are also introduced. There is a large diorama in the center of the building that shaped the sea up to 1000m.

      Address: 32-28 Hitachihama Town, Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture
      Tel: 0193-63-5353
    • 60 minutes by car from the hotel

      Miyako City Gyosai Market (seafood and vegetable market)

      Sanriku, where cold and warm currents collide, is rich in aquatic resources.
      Here, the “Gyosai Market” includes sea urchin, abalone, oysters, seaweed, saury and salmon.・・・Lots of fresh seafood from all year round.
      We sell vegetables and pickles of aunts from nearby farmers.
      The appeal of this market is that you can interact with the humanity of Miyako while shopping.

      Address: 1-1 Satsuki Town, Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture
      Tel: 0193-62-1521
    • 106 minutes by car from the hotel

      Whales and Science of Sea Museum

      Great East Japan Earthquake, the company resumed operations on July 15, 2017 for the first time in about six and a half years.
      Developed on three themes: the sea as a natural environment, the sea that nurtures life, and the sea that involves human beings.
      It is structured so that it can be viewed from a global perspective.
      Through the real skeleton specimen display of the world's largest sperm whale, the world of romance, we introduce the world of whales full of romance.

      Address: 028-1371, 7-50-1 Funakoshi, Yamada Town, Shimohei County, Iwate Prefecture
      Tel: 0193-84-3985
  • Southern coastal area

    • 120 minutes by car from the hotel

      Kamaishi Daikannon

      A Statue of Gyoran Kannon high white Statue of Gyoran Kannon standing overlooking Kamaishi Bay.
      The official name is “Sekio-zenji Temple Kamaishi Daikannon”, and it was Sekio-zenji Temple Kamaishi Daikannon in prayer for people's happiness and world peace.
      The interior of the womb is divided into 13 floors, and there is a worship hall and 33 Kannon Kamaishi Bay.

      Address: 3-9-1 Odaira Town, Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture
      Tel: 0193-24-2125
    • Great East Japan Earthquake Tsunami Tradition Hall

      Government-managed Takata Matsubara Tsunami Reconstruction Memorial Park is maintained in the Government-managed Takata Matsubara Tsunami Reconstruction Memorial Park.
      About 150 earthquake materials are exhibited in the facility, and the threat of the tsunami is communicated through relics, images, and testimony of victims, and lessons are widely disseminated.
      The fire trucks of the Tanohata Village fire brigade destroyed by the tsunami and a part of the bridge girder of the Kesen Ohashi bridge over the Kesen River Estuary of the Kesen River Estuary are also displayed.
      Great East Japan Earthquake order not to repeat the tragedy of the Great East Japan Earthquake tsunami, the facts and lessons of the earthquake will be handed down to future generations, and the reconstruction will be communicated to people in Japan and overseas, and thanks will be sent to all the people who have received support. It has become.
      Admission is free, so you can use it as a place to learn about earthquakes and disaster prevention, as well as during sightseeing gaps.

      Address:180 Dotekage, Kesen Town, Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture
      Tel: 0192-47-4455
    • 150 minutes by car from the hotel

      Hashino Iron Mine

      It was registered as the second world heritage site in Iwate Prefecture as a constituent asset of the industrial heritage group "Meiji Japan's Industrial Revolution Heritage Steelmaking, Steelmaking, Shipbuilding, and Coal Mining Industry" that pioneered the industrialization of Japan.
      You can see the valuable Site of Western-style Blast Furnace Japan's oldest Site of Western-style Blast Furnace.

      Address: 6 Hashinocho 6 Dai-2-Chiwari, Hashino Town, Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture 026-0411, 6 Dai-2-Chiwari, Hashino Town, Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture
      Tel: 0193-22-2111
    • 140 minutes by car from the hotel

      Goishi Coast

      The name of the Goishi Coast comes from the fact that there is a coast composed of stones shaped like meteorites.
      If you walk along the promenade full of wood, you will find many cliffs and reefs by sea caves such as Anatoshi Pass and Thunder Rock.

      Address: Goishi Kaigan, Massaki Town, Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture
      Tel: 0192-27-3111 (Ofunato City Commerce and Tourism Product Division)
  • Inland area

    • 160 minutes by car from the hotel

      Koiwai Farm

      Koiwai Farm Foot of Mt Iwate of Foot of Mt Iwate, which frequently appears in Kenji Miyazawa's works.
      Enjoy the farm at the foot of the Makiba-en, a charcoal-grilled barbeque, a restaurant, a Sheep Building / Wool Workshop, a Makiba no Tenmonkan (planetarium), and a cheesecake house.
      In general, the Koiwai Farm Information Bus, which will guide you through areas that are not released, is also available during the late April and early November seasons.

      Address: 36-1 Maruyachi, Shizukuishi Town, Iwate County, Iwate Prefecture
      Tel: 019-692-4321
    • 130 minutes by car from the hotel

      Tono Furusato Village

      Tono Furusato Village is a place that recreates a nostalgic rural Tono Furusato Village.
      People called “Maburitto” (Maburitto) are engaged in farming and other activities, and they also serve as instructors for people who experience farming here.
      There is also an interesting experience program where you can learn old-fashioned things like making bamboo dragonflies, mochitsuki, and catching yamame trout. 【Pay・Reservation required】

      Address: 5-89-1 Kamitsukimoshi, Tsukimoshi Town, Tono City
      Tel: 0198-64-2300
    • 180 minutes by car from the hotel

      Chusonji Temple

      Chusonji Temple is said to begin in that the high priest of Tendai Sect, a temple that Kodaiju-in in three years Kasho by Jikaku Daishi Ennin was opened.
      Hiraizumi was erected by Fujiwara Kiyohara Fujiwara-ko Fujiwara first Kiyohara Fujiwara-ko Fujiwara order to comfort all the spirits of the enemies and allies who died in the battle of the previous nine years.
      In the 14th century, many palace towers were burned down, but there are more than 3,000 national treasures and important cultural assets in the Sankonzo, including the "Konjiki-do" in Chusonji Temple.

      Address: 202 Hiraizumi Koromonoseki, Hiraizumi Town, Nishiiwai County, Iwate Prefecture
      Tel: 0191-46-2211
    • 200 minutes by car from the hotel

      Geibi Gorge (Geibikei)

      A stunning canyon that spans about 2km, with a cliff of about 100m towering on both sides, and the Satetsu River river eroding limestone.
      Wisteria in the spring, deep greens in the summer, autumn leaves in the autumn, snowy landscape (houseboat) in the winter, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the four seasons while leaving the boat down.

      Address: Nagasakamachi, Higashiyama Town, Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture
      Tel: 0191-47-2341(Geibi Tourism Center